"Immerse yourself in the genius of Leonardo"
Centro Esposizioni - Lugano
03.12.2020 - 30.05.2021

Da Vinci Experience is an immersive multimedia exhibition conceived to tell the genius of Leonardo, his art and the multiple applications of his ingenuity.


Leonardo Da Vinci, icon of the Renaissance, and one of the most brilliant masters in history, is told through a sensory journey created specifically to experience and feel art through projections and full HD 360 ° videos, to live the experience of reality virtual and to touch his great inventions in real scale.



Inventions Room

It will be possible to examine and interact with ten machines designed by Leonardo Da Vinci and reproduced in full scale. Inventions that have revolutionized the history of humanity, carefully reproduced by the skilled hands of Italian artisans based on the original drawings of the artist and scientist.

Furthermore the room shows infographics about the artist, and video installations.


Immersive Room

A series of very high quality images and videos are projected on big screens (up to 6 meters), offering the viewer the best artistic works and scientific inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci in a cinematographic experience that outlines his professional career. All accompanied by an exciting soundtrack.

Oculus Room

Eight 3D virtual reality stations are available to the public for a virtual experience with the innovative Oculus. 

The appplication "Da Vinci VR Experience", created specifically for the exhibition, will allow visitors to enter the tank designed by Leonardo, and to interact with his mechanisms, navigate with the paddle boat, and fly over the magnificent Renaissance Florence with the aerial screw and the ornithopter, all simply wearing "special" glasses.




Opening hours

Monday closed.

Tuesday - Friday 13:00-19:00

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10:00-20:00

Those who have purchased tickets to visit the exhibition during one of the closed dates, can use them on any other day starting from March 1st 2021.

Tickets can be purchased on site without reservation, or in advance by skipping the line on:

Fares and discounts

Full (from 16 years): CHF 20 .--

Students / AHV / AI / groups *: CHF 16 .--

Children (from 6 to 15 years): CHF 10 .--

Family package (2 adults + 2 children): CHF 55 .--


* from 10 people only by reservation


Free admission up to 5 years!


Why visit the exhibition with your students?


The Da Vinci Experience exhibition is aimed at students of all schools and of all ages.


This exhibition is a great educational opportunity for young people, and an opportunity to get to know the one who has left his indelible mark in various fields of knowledge: from painting to engineering, from music to botany, from architecture to literature. Da Vinci Experience also allows you to learn in a simple way the birth of mechanization and to touch some of the most innovative inventions in history that are the basis of modern engineering.

Stimulate creativity, convey important messages and learn interactively, all this by immersing yourself in the genius of Leonardo.


The exhibition is available both in Italian and English.

Duration of the visit: 1 hour and 30 minutes (variable time depending on the chosen educational workshops).



Tickets and discounts:

Students: CHF 8 .--

Teachers: 2 free admissions for each class

Accompanying persons: CHF 5 .-- per person

Educational workshops by reservation only: cost based on the offer


If you have any questions please write to





Covid 19

The exhibition takes place in full compliance with the anti Covid 19 regulations, customers are asked to wear the mask before entering the exhibition and to keep it worn throughout the stay (the masks can also be purchased on site). Hand sanitizers are available to customers.


The inflows and outflows will be regulated in order to avoid gatherings. Access will be restricted according to federal directives.

Please consider waiting a few minutes before entering the exhibition.


Further information on +41793448114 or by email by writing to





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